March 2014: Who is Who?

So who can you expect to meet up with at the March 2014 #BFF event?

DebbieDebbie from Ging’s artisan Goats Cheese will be sharing her enthuasism for self-sufficiency & local food crafts. She left the rat race to set up a smallholding where they grow, rear & make their own produce. PLUS she will be providing some of her delicious goats cheese as part of the goodie bag that each delegate will take home!

Apolina Apolina from Bombay Bruxelles is an Indian food-obsessed blogger who married a frenchman and lives in Brussels. She has been to Culinary School & provides Indian food workshops.

SylvainSylvain from Un peu Gay Dans les Coings is a french foodie who loves ethnic food (Indian, peruvian, persian, georgian, etc)… as well as anything fermented (from homemade quince wine to fermented red beet syrup & sourdough)

AriannaArianna from Un Altro Colore is a jam maker & a baker of sourdough breads & cakes. She offers a wide range of marmalades, jams, preserves and curds made from bio and seasonal fruits, with a higher percentage of fruits than sugar; and with different and healthier sugars, or no added sugar. Fruits are mixed with spices from all over the world: vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, cardamome from India, μαστιχα from Greece, peppermint, star anise and Sichouan pepper from China, liquorice from Italy… She also helds workshops to teach the traditions of sourdough. PLUS she will be providing some of her delicious Jam as part of the goodie bag that each delegate will take home!

AndreeaAndreea from On (Glorious) Food and Wine has been a Brussels food blogger since 2011. With a passion for food, wine, Belgian beer and travel her blog is a mash-up of social and foodie facts. Her signature dish? Quiches to be enjoyed over long brunches.


Greg from Cook and Roll is a well travelled and recipe loving blogger – who was once selected as part of a jury of bloggers to act in a session of Top Chef.

Maxine from Why I am Not Skinny is in her 6th year living in Brussels but still can’t speak French… married to HIM who speaks 5 languages (& thankfully French is one of them!) and truly believes in a well balanced diet (a glass of wine in one hand and a bar of chocolate in the other!)


Linn from Rausmat (Generous Food) is a Norwegian food blogger, social eater and Eurocrat. Ever since I found out that actually not everyone speaks Norwegian I decided to set up an Instragram account in addition to my food blog to share my passion for food, travel and living the good life in a language all people understand – pictures. From sour dough experiments to culinary adventures – making each calory worthwile! Always on the hunt for the perfect chocolate mousse (and a good bargain).

Eva PEva from Homme Sweeet Homme bakes virtual men, it’s my sweeet and spicy revenge on their bitter behavior

SalimaSalima from Parts de Plaisir is a food blogger, lover & worshiper, who believes that everything good happens around a good meal!

nolaNOLA Foodie has roots in New Orleans… even to the extent a drink is named after her…. in no less than three restaurants in New Orleans!

annieAnnie from MontgomeryFest considers herself a blogger blogging about blogging things and other jazzy extras.

FrisoFriso from Travelling with a Demanding Wife is constantly struggling to provide quality to the woman that won me in monopoly.

Tast_of_Molecules_coverDiane from A Taste of Molecules has written a book and during the research, accidentally discovered where the pH scale was developed! (do you know where? Hint: it’s all about beer!)

Alison-wallAlison floves to discover Belgium’s hidden gems (especially if they’re edible!) She shares them on where she writes about food, travel and all things Belgium. She loves to travel the world with her husband, Andrew, and spend quiet nights reading with her cats and a glass of red wine.

EvelyneEvelyne, the Bookalokal start-up queen, once played the harp on the streets of Chicago.

Sandra of Leeks and High Heels  attributes the name of her blog to her dad’s favorite vegetable and the fact that she is always in high heels especially when cooking. Her father was a 2 star Michelin star Chef and had a great influence in gastronomy in Belgium.

MichelleMichelle of Very Hungry Explorer is originally from London, I’m now working and eating my way around Europe & was the second highest scorer on my school cricket team.

JaneJane from Dromthorn Recipes started her blog in order to consolidate recipes with her mother who is a great cook (and lives in Ireland). This blog is in evolution status but shares both Mom & Janes recipes along with general life commentary on Belgiaum with photography.

Jess photoJess from Jess on Thames has spent the last ten years in Brussels before deciding to try life in London for awhile. Her blog is a tale of an expat: the second time around

SSandyandy from S Marks the Spots shares the best foodie and fun spots in Brussels, London, Paris and beyond on her blog. Passionate about photography, art lover, globe-trotter and determined to prove that Brussels is anything but a boring EU capital!

SylviaSylvia from Going to Brussels  shares her blog that she says has languished themelessly for a couple of years, before she decided to mesh it with my love of baking. So much easier to send a link than to write out a recipe.



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